Cabinet Refacing in Waldorf, MD

Trends in kitchens and bathrooms change, but a full kitchen or bathroom remodel can be expensive. Luckily, if you already love the layout of your kitchen and bath, there is a less expensive option for getting the look you want; and that option is cabinet refacing.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing in Waldorf, MD involves taking your existing cabinets and changing their look to fit a new style. The existing cabinets are reinforced and then professionally covered with new veneers. Then, you simply add new doors and new hardware for a completely refreshed look.

The veneer completely updates the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets without the costs associated with a full replacement. That means you get the style you want at only a fraction of the cost of a full remodel.

Adding Storage

One of the benefits of cabinet refacing is the ability to install additional cabinets while ensuring a seamless look throughout the space. The new cabinets will feature the same veneer surface as the cabinets being refaced, so everything will appear as though they were originally installed together. The old cabinets blend with the new, completely transforming your kitchen or bathroom.

Additional cabinets can be added to your existing cabinet runs or can be installed as islands, making your cabinet refacing project look like a total remodel.

Include New Features

You can plan a cabinet refacing project to include some new features. For example, you can install additional shelves or dividers in your cabinets and drawers, add a Lazy Susan to a corner cabinet, or upgrade to soft close drawer slides. These additions don’t require new cabinet boxes but can increase the functionality of your space.

Update Your Counters

After your cabinets are refaced, you can complete your new look with updated countertops. Whether you like the look of traditional granite, the glamor of quartz, the durability of Silestone, or the economy of laminate, you can create your ideal updated space out of any material you prefer. Finishes can range from polished to leathered, so you can ensure the final result will suit your style.

Saving Time

A traditional kitchen or bathroom remodel can take weeks or months to complete. Instead of losing access to your spaces for what can feel like an eternity, cabinet refacing in Waldorf, MD can be completed in as little as one day. Cabinet refacing also doesn’t require the same level or permits and inspections as a full remodel, saving you time and money.

This allows you to get stunning results in just a few days, and you can begin using the space almost immediately after the work is done.

The Green Approach

Since you’re reusing your current cabinet boxes and drawers, you are getting a new look without the waste created by a full remodel. It takes less energy and materials to create the veneers than what is needed for new cabinets, so you’re making a difference there as well.

Refacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets is a great option for Waldorf, MD residents who want a new look for less. It’s more convenient, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly that a full remodel, but you still get to enjoy a space that looks and feels brand new. So, before you go for a full gut, consider your cabinet refacing options in Waldorf, MD and see if it is right for you.